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Gather together some young people who are either in college or starting their career and what do you get? Lively conversation, energy, energy and more energy. The Young Adult Class is a ministry at GBC seeking to channel that energy into time of fellowship. This fellowship results in more effective service to one another, the church, the community and most importantly our Lord Jesus Christ. High school graduates, college students, and young persons already pursuing careers are welcome, whether single or married.



Several Bible studies during the week are offered to make the connection even stronger as they assist one another in obtaining and enhancing a meaningful relationship with the Savior.


Social Activities

In addition to the regular meetings, the Young Adults Group

plans outdoor activities suchas hiking, biking, cookouts,

laser tag, sports, etc.


Volunteer Activities

C&C seeks to take the good news to the streets, help church

members in need, and do what they can to help maintain

the church’s facilities.



Jump right in and get to know others, pray for others, share one

another’s burdens. If you would like to help out you can also sign

up for hosting lunches, giving your testimony at a lunch,

providing food, and even providing rides to fellow C&C’ers.


Just come to a worship service at GBC. If you would like more

information or are ready to participate, contact Blake Shankle.

Give  a call, text, email, whatever, and he will contact you with information.

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