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The purpose of our Youth Ministry is to continue to develop a strong foundation in Christ in the lives of the teens, help the youth to understand and interpret the Bible, help the youth effectively reach their friends for Christ, and incorporate the youth into the life of the church through:

Weekly Meetings


Small groups that will provide our teens with a desire to have an intimate quiet time with God. Junior High students grades 7- 8 spend small group Sunday Mornings focusing on discussions and learning new lessons. High School students spend sunday mornings, nights, and wednesdays learning about the love of Jesus. Teaching will focus on Biblical truth with relevant application and one-on-one teaching moments accomplished through our ministry.

Special Activities


Monthly activities are designed to encourage the youth to bring their friends and share their faith; to integrate the youth into the body of the church; to involve youth in service activities that help them reach out to others in our neighboring communities or build relationships with ministries we support. We usually have monthly Youth fellowships at a church members house where we fellowship together, and play several games and team building activities. 


Youth Camp


 This is a time for students to meet new friends and learn how to interact with others that believe similar beliefs. Summer camp always seems to rekindle the light that sometimes flickers out in youth.



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